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Like most young girls, Maine Mendoza was once an ordinary girl dreaming to reach her stars. And it looks like the heavens heard her and made possible her phenomenal rise to stardom. But with those blessings also came bigger responsibilities because now that she has become one of the most sought after actresses, all eyes are set on Maine.

Having recently renewed her contract with Betadine Fresh Bliss, Maine has been asked for advice to give to her fans and her answers come from her experiences as a young woman who is still in the process of discovering herself.

On being confidently beautiful

With her gorgeous face and physique, one would think the young actress seldom has moments of doubt. But Maine confesses something that most people don’t know about her: She is also fighting to appreciate herself more and believe in her beauty.

“It’s a constant struggle and it starts from the moment I wake up,” the 24- year-old actress tells MB Life. “There are times I don’t feel pretty, I don’t feel confident, but I fight to get through the day even with all these feelings.”

Maine realizes that she’s not the only one in this battle. “I have accepted that those moments will come,” she says. “I feel like all women experience the same struggle, even Hollywood stars. It’s really part of womanhood. At hindi mo naman mabe-base yung pagiging confident mo (And you can’t base your confidence) on the way you see yourself in the mirror.”

When asked for advice for those who are struggling to accept themselves, Maine admits that she herself is still in pursuit of practicing self-love.

“To be honest, it’s hard to give advice to someone who’s struggling for selflove because I am on the same stage,” she says. “It’s tough for me because there are a lot of times I doubt myself and my capabilities.”

Still, she encourages everyone to believe in themselves and to accept their flaws, something she is also learning to do. “It might sound cliché, but the advice I want to give them is to believe in themselves,” she says. “That’s a vital part of learning to love yourself and accepting your flaws. I think that’s where it all starts, when you learn to accept your flaws and your limitations.

But I believe it’s a never-ending process because there will be moments in your life when you will doubt yourself. It comes every now and then, so just keep on trying.”

Dealing with changes and criticism

As a celebrity, Maine is on the fast lane. It hasn’t been long since her entertainment career began with the phenomenal love team AlDub (with Alden Richards), but the actress still considers herself a newbie. Nevertheless, she has already learned to dance to the fast beat of her current life.

“We all know that change is the only thing constant in this world and we have to keep up with that all the time,” the Eat Bulaga host says. “We can’t be stuck in one place, so we really have to do new things every so often. There are people who take change as something negative, especially when it will shake things or the systems they’re already comfortable with. But for me, I’m a realist. I don’t sugarcoat things to please other people. We all have ups and downs in life. Siguro tanggapin lang natin na yung change naman  ay nangyayari sa lahat ng tao hindi lang sa’yo (We just have to accept that change happens to everyone and not just to ourselves).”

Maine also has a lot of firsthand experiences with social media criticism. Having learned from these, she wants today’s youth to know the repercussions of using social media, specifically when it comes to entertaining negative feedback.

“Social media is not healthy, especially for the youth. As much as possible, if you can avoid it, please do so, especially when it comes to reading other people’s opinions,” she says. “We all know that there are people who tend to give mostly negative feedback. This can strongly affect young people who may not yet be capable of handling their emotions well. Kung pwedeng iwas-iwasan nila kasi marami pa naman tayong mas makabuluhang pwedeng gawin bukod sa pagbabad sa social media (It might be best that they avoid it because there are a lot of other more meaningful things to do than spending long hours on social media).”

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