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For decades, generation after generation, many people have been branding men. Not very many people pay it notice but it is there. From pretty boys, to play boys, and now to what today’s generation calls f*ck boys. This term might mean something different depending on one’s perspective, but this year’s Cinemalaya film titled F#*@ Bois aims to enlighten its audience about the meaning behind the title. 

Freshly set after the recent mid-term elections, F#*@Bois follows the story of two young men Ace (Royce Cabrera) and Mico (Kokoy de Santos) as they embark on a journey toward achieving their dreams by trying their luck in different male pageants. 

F#*@Bois is directed by Eduardo Roy, Jr., the same brilliant mind behind Pamilya Ordinaryo and Quick Change. Here he shows a sexy, provocative film that serves as a reminder of the repercussions of using social media. Ironically, in the film, a baby boomer in the character of Ricky Davao as mayor, seems more adept at using technology compared to the younger characters. 

Ricky delivers an exemplary performance, which earned thunderous applause from the audience during the film’s gala. As for the lead characters, if their goal was to show the innocence and ignorance that come with youth, then Royce and Kokoy played their roles well.

F#*@Bois is a film that gives its viewers a glimpse of the realities behind male pageants and the dangers some of these contenders face in the hands of their patrons. 

(Featured image by Roc Verdera)


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