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Filipinos are known for their overwhelming love and interest in basketball. Our country also has many young aspirants who want to become like their favorite basketball player.

While entering a collegiate or a professional basketball league is a task which can’t be done overnight, there are ways in which you can help yourself improve your basketball skills while waiting for the right moment to come, or should we say, the day of the draft.

Here are five easy basketball tips and drills for you to level up your ball game.

1. Focus on your shooting

As basketball fans, we’re pretty sure you’ve already witnessed a game with a buzzer-beater ending. Players who have done their fair share of this, aside from their other basketball skills, definitely has mastered the full-speed shooting drill.

As the name suggests, full-speed shooting drill trains your shooting skills in a fast-paced setting, allowing you not just to be familiar with the right angles to bring the ball straight to the basket and boost your scoring but is also essential in terms of maximizing your energy in playing so that you won’t get easily tired during the whole stretch of the game.

2. Practice offense and defense

Offense and defense play a crucial part in winning a basketball game as it commonly drives the intensity. There are a lot of drills anyone can practice to improve offense and defense, but one of the most common among them is the transition to defense drill which is intended to help players learn the footwork in transitioning from defense to offense. Aside from this, you can also try the defensive specialist basketball drill which will help you familiarize the essentials of an effective and efficient defense.

3. Embrace sportsmanship

Being a basketball player isn’t just about skills and expertise. Just like any other game, sportsmanship is an important aspect. A certain game can get too intense and emotions will be flying high, but sportsmanship reminds everyone to still have respect, humility and self-control on and off the court.

4. Be inspired

Fuel your dreams with the urge to improve yourself even more as the days pass by. Watch more basketball videos, study how your favorite basketball player moves, or analyze how a certain team clinched more championship titles than others. Whether it’s about your physical capabilities and skills or what you instill in your mind, you have to keep the fire burning for the love of the game.

5. Prioritize proper hygiene

All the intensity brought by a basketball game will eventually start showing off in your body, so it’s best not to ruin the mood of a ball game because of unwanted things like body odor caused by sweat.  Keep your cool and be at your best in the ball game with Rexona Ice Cool. A handy companion on and off the court, Rexona Ice Cool won’t let you down and will help you just focus on making that winning shot by keeping you dry and fresh all day.

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