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Makoto Shinkai’s new film Weathering with You is out now in cinemas, but we’re still not over his previous movie, the romantic sci-fi anime Your Name.

Spoilers for those who have’t seen yet, the central plot of Your Name is a body-swap where the two characters slowly fall in love over time.

If you think such a story is too good to be true, wait ’til you get a load of this – a rumor has resurfaced that if you watched Your Name on a date, you may end up marrying the person you saw it with.

Twitter user @ganpon714 revived the rumor with his personal story, recalling that he thought he never would see the girl he watched Your Name with, only to say he was just watched Weathering with You with the same girl who he now married (roughly translated from Japanese).

When @ganpon714‘s tweet went viral, other users began sharing their own stories where the rumor came true:

  • “My boyfriend and I had just started going out when we went to see Your Name together. We both started bawling at the same part, and it was the first time we’d seen each other cry, and now he’s my husband.”
  • “My girlfriend won tickets to a special screening and staff greeting for Your Name, so we went. Now we’re engaged and planning our wedding, and we’re also planning to go see Weathering with You together.”
  • “[Instead of going to watch Weathering with You] the guy I saw Your Name with and I stayed home and watched Summer Wars on TV, after we put our kid to sleep.”

What about you, do you have any Your Name date stories? Share them with us!


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