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Though today is another manic Monday for many, beauty junkies all over the country are celebrating July 29 as the National Lipstick Day.

While it’s appropriate to spend the day exploring and shopping new lippies to love, it’s also right to be aware if they are safe for use or not.

No need to do the research. Environmental group EcoWaste Coalition has identified lip products that are contaminated with lead.

In a Manila Bulletin report, the group reveals that most of the lipsticks unsafe for use are counterfeit items. These also contain other toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, and mercury “above allowable trace limits set by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

The amount of lead in cosmetics should not exceed 20 parts per million (ppm).

At least 26 out of 75 lipsticks, all from retail shops in Divisoria, Paco and Quiapo, Manila, and in Pasay City, have high amounts of lead. Thony Dizon , chemical safety campaigner of EcoWaste Coalition, says these lip products cost PhP 16 to PhP 50.

Based on the screening conducted by the group, the 12 adulterated and counterfeit items with highest lead content include the following:

1.  Kylie Lipstick #02,   44,400 ppm
2.  Qianxiu It’s Moisturizing Matte Lipstick #06, 42,800 ppm
3.  MAC Mariah Carey Lipstick #02, 36,800 ppm
4.  Qianxiu Hello Kitty Lipstick #06, 34,800 ppm
5.  Qianxiu Lipstick #06, 28,200 ppm
6.  Naked Love Lisptick #09, 25,800 ppm
7.  MAC Zacposen Rudy Woo Lipstick #12, 10,600 ppm
8.  Naked 9 Qianxiu Lipstick #07, 8,960 ppm
9.  MAC Zacposen So Chaud Lipstick #04, 7,987 ppm
10. Koko Kollection Lipstick #02,4,888 ppm
11. MAC Zacposen Girl About Town Lipstick #08, 4,522 ppm
12.Revlon Gossip Gurl Lipstick #12, 2,371 ppm

“Women, beware. Those imitation lipsticks that you are using to get that luscious red pout may contain toxic impurities that can eventually damage your health,’’ the group warns.

Lead exposure for adults could result to kidney damage and an increase in the risk of high blood pressure. Children’s brain development is hampered, too, once exposed to the toxic metal.


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