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Nope, we’re still not over the Avengers hype. And we’re never going to get tired of Pokémon either. And how can we, after seeing this bunch of artworks combining the two?!

Ryan James Valdez (@rjamez.the.v) is a Filipino concept artist whose works often involve Pokémon and drag, and when Avengers: Endgame first hit theaters many weeks ago, Valdez decided to start a project of drawing some of the Avengers with their ideal Pokémon!

Valdez started the project off with Thor wielding Stormbreaker, and beside him is the iconic Pokémon Pikachu – a very suitable partner for the god of thunder.

From there more Avengers followed like Spider-Man with fellow arachnid Spinarak, Captain Marvel with the legendary Jirachi, Hawkeye with the Dark Eeveelution Umbreon, and Valkyrie with a flying Rapidash. Take a look at Valdez’s works below:

Check out Valdez’s Facebook page if  you would like to request for commissions.

Which Pokémon do you think are good matches for the other Avengers?


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