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For several years, the stigma about people with tattoos are deeply scattered and rooted. Some even had a hard time landing a job because of their inked skin. But the good thing is, this perception is now changing. 

According to The Independent, a recent study conducted by the University of Miami Business School and the University of Western Australia Business School has found that in the recent years, “body art is no longer linked to individual employment or wage discrimination.”

Out of more than 2000 participants in 50 states in the US, the study showed that the annual earnings of tattooed workers are “indistinguishable” from those non-tattooed. It even showed that in some instances, tattooed job seekers have higher chances of getting hired. 

Surprisingly, this higher level of employability only applies to men with tattoos. Study co-author Andrew Timming, associate professor of human resources management at the University of Western Australia Business School told The Independent that among women, there’s “no difference in employability was found between those with and without tattoos.” 

“Surprisingly, among men, we found that having one or more tattoo was associated with a slight, but significant, increase in employability, around 7.3 per cent relative to the mean,” he shared. 

“In aggregate, we find no evidence of discrimination against people with tattoos. They earn just as much as people without tattoos and are just as likely to be employed. Public perceptions toward tattoos have changed very quickly, with more and more people embracing body art.” 

Timming also pointed out that this change of perception might have something to do with more and more young people having tattoos. 

“This may be explained by the fact that many young people have gotten tattoos in the last coupled decades, and as they age, they become managers and decision-makers. They are therefore more accepting of body art than their older colleagues,” he ended.

How about you? Have you had any peculiar experience during job hunting because of your inked skin? Do you agree with the result of this study?


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