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With just a year to go before the 202o Summer Olympic Games begins, preparation for host city Tokyo is more hectic now more than ever.

The medals, though, will be the least of their worries. The Japanese capital utilized the mobile phones and electronics the citizens no longer use.

In an Instagram post, the official Instagram account of the Tokyo Olympics unveiled the designs of the gold, silver, and bronze medals to be awarded to athletes of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Roughly 5,000 medals will be given during the quadrennial sporting event and 100% of the metals used to make the awards were extracted from materials found in electronics and phones.

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This was made possible through a two-year donation drive around Japan called the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project. It collected nearly 80,000 tons of electronic devices, which included over six million mobile phones.

The medals are part of Tokyo’s commitment to deliver the most sustainable Olympic Games yet. The organizing committee aims to incorporate sustainable practices in every aspect of planning and staging the event.

For instance, the Olympic village, which will be the residence of all athletes during the Games, is set to be constructed using sustainably-sourced Japanese timber donated by local authorities from 63 municipalities. This will be returned for re-use by local communities for public benches or part of school buildings.

Instead of purchasing all the sporting equipment to be used in Games, Tokyo will be renting it. Renewable energy will power these equipments, as well as the venues for the Olympics.

“The initiatives undertaken by Tokyo 2020 cover a wide spectrum of key areas of sustainability, and show a great deal of innovation and creativity,” said Michelle Lemaitre, International Olympic Committee Head of Sustainability in a report released by Olympics. “We are pleased to see that sustainability has such a central place in the delivery of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and that so much progress has already been made to turn this commitment into reality.”

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games will take place from July 24-August 9, while the Paralympic Games will be from August 25-September 6.


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