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Dark Magician, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Exodia… just hearing those words bring back memories of card duels after school, thanks to a boy named Yugi Mutou and the hit anime show Yu-Gi-Oh.

While the cards have been around for as long as we can remember, it’s been a while since we’ve seen another Yu-Gi-Oh series, but that may soon change!

A Shonen Jump event went live yesterday, July 21, announcing that a new Yu-Gi-Oh anime was in production, and even found the time to look back on the franchise’s history:

The show has come a long way, with the current ARC-V anime in Japan focusing on virtual reality Duel Monsters, and Yu-Gi-Oh fans will have a lot to look forward to in this upcoming anime series.

Are you excited for a new Yu-Gi-Oh anime?


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