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For loyal Up Dharma Down fans, here’s a bit of good news for you⁠—the band just released a bunch of new music for you to feel all the feels via their new album, UDD.

The quartet made the announcement across all their official social media accounts, with an hourly countdown on evening of July 20 before the surprise drop.

The album, already their fourth, includes 11 brand new songs, some in Filipino such as “Sigurado,” “Tambalan,” and “Anino,” while the others are in English like “Never,” “Fool Truth,” and “Say Nothing.”

The self-titled work is the follow-up to the album, Capacities, released back in 2012.

The drop, while surprising, delighted the band’s loyal fans who have been waiting for a new album for the past 7 years.

“Walang alarm, walang anything, pero thank you,” one fan tweeted.

“Thank you so much, UDD,” another fan said in a tweet. “I love you so much.”

Formed in 2004 and known for a string of hits such as “Oo” and “Tadhana,” the OPM band is set to headline a show in Singapore this August. They are scheduled to go on a US tour with IV of Spades this coming September, too.

UDD is now available for streaming on Spotify and iTunes.

Listen to the full album here:


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