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It seems like people’s obsession with milk tea or boba tea will not stop anytime soon. In Japan, Melty Cream Lip has announced that they will be releasing two limited edition lip balm flavors. 

The first one will the “Tapioca Milk Tea” moisturizing cream lip. According to their press release, the product’s shade is based on the milk tea flavor, however, this color does not stick to lips. User can also taste the sweetness of tapioca and the dark aroma of milk tea leaves. 

Tapioca Milk Tea and Chocolate Mint moisturizing lip balm.

The other one is the “Chocolate Mint.” Inspired by mint color shade, this lip product will have the smell of fresh mint and the sweetness of chocolate. 

Aside from launching these two new products, the company also announced that Melty Cream Lip “Matcha” will be sold as a regular variant. Like the other two, Matcha flavor was previously sold for limited time.

Matcha flavoured lip balm.

Are you a milk tea lover? Would you love to try these lip products?


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