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We know how heartbreaking it can be to not be able to bring your pet to places where you’d want to take them for some much-needed quality time outside the house.

Well, cry no more. Grab is now allowing passengers to take their beloved pets with them in a car ride through GrabPet.

“GrabPet is a product made for passengers who wish to get around with their pets comfortable and conveniently,” the transport network vehicle service (TNVS) writes in a blog post. “This is a special feature for 6-seater drivers wherein they can get additional earnings if they accept these kinds of rides.”

For its initial run in the Philippines, only the following pets will be allowed inside a GrabCar, as well as how they can be transported:

  • dogs – leashed or crated with a muzzle
  • cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters – crated
  • fish – sealed bag or closed fish tank
  • turtles – closed container

A maximum of two medium pets or one large pet can be accommodated per ride. Extra pets are allowed, too, but only upon the discretion of the driver.

Passengers will be fully responsible of loading and unloading their pet in the car, as well as ensuring that their pet’s behavior will not cause concern or risk to the driver. If a pet displays aggressive behavior, drivers may choose to cancel the ride.

GrabPet rides will also be pricier than a normal six-seater fare due to a surcharge. No fare computation is available as of writing, but it is worth noting that drivers for the service are required to undergo a 1.5-hour training session on basic pet-handling under professional pet trainers. Upon enrollment as a driver-partner to the service, they will also receive a GrabPet starter kit, which includes a pet barrier, pet kennel, waterproof liner, microfiber towel, and an air freshener, all for the pet’s welfare.

There’s no official date yet about the service’s availability via the app, but a rep from the TNVS says that passengers can start booking GrabPet rides “in the next few days” via the Grab app.

Featured Image from Grab Philippines 


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