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A survey conducted in the U.S find out that dog owners kiss their pet more than their significant other. 

According to PEOPLE, the survey is conducted by Riley’s Organics, an organic dog treat company. This study asked the respondents how much TLC (Tender, Loving Care) they give to their pet, and it turns out, dogs get more love that humans. 

Based on the results, 52 percent admitted that they kiss their dog more than their partner. And it didn’t end there, 52 percent of those who participated in the survey also said that they prefer to sleep in bed with their dog over their other half. 

This survey also proved the saying dog is “man’s best friend,” as it shows that 94 percent of the respondents would rather stay at home with their pet than to have a night out with a human friend. 

What can you say? Are you this type of pet parent? 


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