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Every makeup artist in the world, even from beauty authority, MAC Cosmetics, would agree that every makeup look starts with a well-hydrated and prepped skin. Dare we say, it’s just as important as picking the right shade of foundation or making sure that the eyeshadow colors are blended.

“Skin is the first step of makeup for me,” MAC Senior Manager of Makeup Artistry for Asia Pacific Regan Rabanal tells MB Life in an interview following his presentation of beauty trends for Autumn/Winter 2019. “[This is why] skincare is such an important step.”

Here are some of the skincare tips Rabanal has shared during the event.

Study your skin. 

Rabanal accepts the fact that skin varies from person to person and it makes sense that everyone else should, too.

“I think you’d have to be really understanding of what someone’s skin texture is, as well as their skin type,” he says. Is the skin dry, oily, or a combination of both? Are there issues with pores, acne, or discoloration? “[From there, one can] address things differently,” he adds.

This is also why there’s not one perfect skincare routine to follow as it will always be based on the preferences of the person and the looks they want to achieve.

Never forget SPF. 

Protecting the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays is all-important for Rabanal, especially with the sunny and humid weather in the Philippines. “I’m obsessed with SPF,” Rabanal says. “I’m really happy [with a sunscreen that has] anywhere between SPF 15-50.”

He also suggests assessing how often one must reapply throughout the day or if there’s a necessity for it.

Skincare products work differently for everybody. 

While reading or hearing positive feedback on one particular skincare product can be encouraging and assuring, it does not always follow that the results will be the same for everybody. For every skin type, skincare products work differently.

“Different formulations feel different on the skin,” Rabanal explains. “They last different on the skin, too.”

Drink lots of water. 

As much as skincare products help immensely in improving the skin condition, Rabanal says nothing beats being hydrated both from outside and inside the body.

“Drink lots of water,” he says. “If you’re not hydrated on the inside, your skin’s gonna show it.”


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