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Mental health expert from Department of Health-National Center for Mental Health (DOH-NCMH) proclaimed that love problems are the leading cause of mental health problems and suicide. 

In his recent interview with PNA, Dr. Bernard Argamosa, a psychiatrist from DOH-NCMH shared that majority of their patients have psychotic breakdowns due to relationship breakups. However, the psychiatrist said that this information is based on their experiences for they don’t have the exact statistics and data yet. 

“We may not have the stats but based on our experience, it leads to depression. Breakups have psychological meanings, and, it could trigger your past experiences when you were a child and you were left behind by someone close to you,” Argamosa said.

He also said that broken-hearted individuals “exhaust all their coping mechanisms when exposed to a stressful situation like breakups.”

“The one you love left you, your mind will use its coping mechanisms first like your family friends, hobbies and work. Sometimes, being alone works for other heartbroken people, different strokes for different people,” he continued. 

For those who “feel broken in any way,” and are looking for someone to talk to, Argamosa encouraged them to contact DOH-NCMH’s crisis hotline 0917 899-8727 or 989-8727. 

(Featured image by Roc Verdera)


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