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Have you always wondered what’s inside the Mayon Volcano? Or have you ever thought about what aquatic wonders lie in the West Philippine Sea? Your local travel dreams will now come true with the newest museum in town that will take you around the country in less than a thousand steps.

Lakbay Museo at S Maison in Conrad Manila, Pasay is a new interactive museum where visitors will get a glimpse of the many different cultures and destinations of the Philippines, with each exhibit just as Instagram-able as the next!

See the different kinds of fabric, coffee beans, and rice grains that Filipinos in the north and south use, see the divine beauties of destinations like the Banaue Rice Terraces and Barasoain Church, and feast your eyes on over 600 synthetic dishes of Filipino cuisines from all over the country.

All the exhibits here were made from scrapped materials – rubber tires, car mats, slippers, and more – and the museum itself is manned by out-of-school-youths, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens to ensure the participation of everyone in the community.

After going around the country and looking at the different exhibits and foods, you can settle down in the common area and watch a 15-minute performance where Filipino dances are represented like the tinikling, the dinuya, and the sagayan.

Lakbay Museo is open daily from 10AM to 10PM, with tickets at Php 799 each (meanwhile online reservations through the museum’s website are at Php 699). Check their website for more information, and prepare your trip around the Philippines!

MB Life Visits: Lakbay Museo

Lakbay Museo PH, a new attraction in town that allows you to travel around the Philippines without leaving the metro, is finally opening its doors tomorrow, July 12 ! 🇵🇭😍

Posted by MB Life on Friday, July 5, 2019

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