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The latest survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) shows that 9 out of 10 Filipinos want to regain control over the islands occupied by China in the West Philippine Sea (WPS). 

Conducted from June 22 to 26 with 1,200 respondents from all over the country, Pinoys were asked this question: “In your opinion, is it important that the control of the islands that China currently occupies in the West Philippine Sea be given back to the Philippines?”

And the result shows that 93 percent of Filipino adults said that is important for the Philippines to regain the control, while 74 percent answered “very important.” There’s also 19 percent said it’s “somewhat important,” 1 percent “somewhat not important,” and 1 percent “not at all important.” The remaining four percent were undecided about this pivotal sovereignty issue.

Right or not right for PH to resolve the conflict 

The same survey also asked the respondents: “Is (activity) right or not right for the Philippine government to do in resolving the conflict between the Philippines and China about the West Philippine Sea?”

This question comes with four choices that show the government moves in resolving this case. This includes “leaving the China alone in the claimed territories,” strengthening our military power, raising the issue to international audience, and to form allies with other countries. 

From these choices, 89 percent said it is NOT right for the government to leave China alone with its infrastructures and military presence in the WPS. While 92 percent think that we have to strengthen the military capability of the Philippines, especially the Navy. 

There’s 83 percent said that it is right for our government to bring the issue to international organisations such as United Nations or Association of Southeast Asian Nation, for a diplomatic negotiation. 

Finally, 84 percent believe that it is right for us to form alliances with other countries that are ready to help in defending the security in WPS. 

How about you? In what ratio you belong to? 

(with reports from Manila Bulletin)


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