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There’s no denying it—milk tea is the trendiest drink for Filipinos at the moment, what with the patience to wait hours for that brown sugar pearl milk tea and the willingness to cash out 100 pesos or more for that cup of creamy and sweet, ice-cold goodness.

The love for this beverage, however, is only growing deeper and it is inspiring a rather unexpected realm—hair.

Yes, you read that right. Milk tea-colored hair is a thing.

Emerging first in Asia, the home of milk tea, a report from Allure describes the hue as a “beautiful, creamy beige—not too warm, not too cool, and falling somewhere between light brown and dark blonde.”

This hair color, however, may not be entirely new. In an interview with MB Life, hair colorist Louis Kee from the Lifestyle Salon tells us that this color is already known as mushroom blonde.

“From the color I see, it’s not really milk tea in my opinion. It’s more like a mushroom blonde,” he says. “I’ve been mentioning about mushroom blonde. It’s quite popular especially in the States.”

Kee adds that to achieve the color, the hair should be pre-lightened to a level nine or ten, which looks like a light blonde or platinum blonde. The color will then be neutralized with violet tones.

“It’s a beautiful combination between basically browns and blondes,” he says. “Cool tones like mushroom blondes, [I find] it’s more suitable or compatible to the skin color of Asians. It gives off a warm feeling, [which also makes it] a perfect color for summer.”


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