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Tony award-winning actress Lea Salonga experienced mistaken identity on a live television show. During the July 5 episode  of Sky News’s morning show “Sunrise,” the “The Voice Kids” PH coached was named as the environmentalist Anna Hughes. 

Reading from prompter, anchor Stephen Dixon introduced Salonga as the environmentalist. “Would you be prepared to give up flying for a whole year to help the planet?” Dixon read. 

Confused on what’s happening, Salonga politely corrected the anchor. “I am not Anna Hughes, I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s going on,” she said in between smile. “I am not Anna Hughes, sorry about that.”

In turned out that the singer had been brought to the studio ahead of her actual schedule of interview. 

After a few seconds, Dixon and his co-host Gillian Joseph realized the mistake and immediately apologized. “We are mortified,” Dixon said. 

After a short break, they corrected the introduction of Salonga as the original Kim in “Miss Saigon,” and a legend who provided singing voice to two of Disney’s princesses Jasmine and Mulan. 

Salonga is in the United Kingdom (UK) for her “first ever UK concert tour” that kicked off last Sunday, July 7. 


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