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Warning: Viewing this story may awaken your inner yearning to travel.

Who cares about travel goals and relationship goals when you can score both with your family?

Millennials are known for their wanderlust and their strong desire to capture wonderful moments and exhilarating views, but have you ever noticed how many of those like-worthy posts contain a family?

That’s why seeing a photo of a happy family in a tropical beach caught our attention and brought us to check out their videos, photos, and posts about their travels. We also tried to get in touch so you’ll get to meet the people behind The Bucket List Family.

Their millennial dad – Garrett Gee – is half Pinoy, by the way! At the age of 25, Garrett or “G” as his close buds call him, have been exploring the farthest corners of the world ever since his “entrepreneurial project” called Scan was bought by Snapchat. He scored a really good deal out of it, so why not travel and take a break, right?

Initially, my goal was to simply design the fastest and most simple scanning app! Then, what began as a small project with two of my classmates quickly grew into something much, much bigger!” shared G in an email exchange with MB Life.

Before the 25-year-old app creator took on the challenge of ticking off his “bucket” list, he used to live an athlete’s life as a player for Brigham Young University in Utah.

Traveling was a decision made by the entire family. The Gee family initially pondered on where to move after school and settle down but realized that it’s more important to grow closer and have fun together.

💛☀️💛 ..sooo sometimes @garrettgee will take pictures of strangers and then make me go ask them for their email so we can send the pictures to them. Kinda creepy? Maybe, but Garrett is just a big fan of savoring and capturing special moments both for our family and for others. Luckily, people are usually super grateful and not super creeped out 😉☺️☺️ ..this couple was Teal and Lauren Loftis on their honeymoon to Nevis. Garrett was taking pictures of the sunset when he noticed this darling picture perfect couple.. 💛😍💛 /// #family #adventures #travelvlog #aroundtheworld #nevis #sunset #vlog /// @beautifuldestinations @nevisnaturally @fsnevis @beautifulhotels @garrettgee @dametraveler @settie4444 @wonderful_places @travelandleisure

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We didn’t feel ready to make such permanent decisions so we came up with the idea to journey off on an adventure around the world together. Our goals were to grow closer as a family, expose ourselves to different cultures and different ways of living, aaannnddd, have lots of fun together!!” he added.

Fun fact: G’s son is named Manila (after the Philippine capital). However, since every name in their family has seven letters, they opted to spell their kid’s name differently – Manilla.

The Bucket List Family just came about naturally and organically as we were brainstorming all of our travels. We kept making lists and lists of all the adventures we wanted to do together,” said G regarding the birth of their social media pages. “I’m always thinking entrepreneurial on how we can amplify, accelerate, and profit from our efforts or hobbies or whatever we are doing with our lives.”

This might sound crazy for some but the family sold ALL their belongings and left their home in Utah in August last year. From then on, they have since gone to Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Bahamas, St. Kitts & Nevis, Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, Antigua, and Dominica. They’re planning to take on Japan and South Korea next.

One of G’s favorites was Tonga. Here’s why: “There, we swam in the water with giant humpback whales!! It was incredible. My wife’s favorite country so far was New Zealand. It is beautiful of course but she especially loved the fresh farm food that we enjoyed during our time there.”

Everyday with these humpback whales is so different. This was @garrettgee's favorite. It was a HEAT RUN Remember the calm elegant experience of slipping into the waters with a mother and calf? Well this was the complete opposite. A heat run is when multiple adult males (escorts) pursue 1 female. They battle at high speeds by bashing into each other, blowing bubbles, and even jumping on each other. This was also the first time we heard them !!sing Instead of slowly approaching them our boat raced at full speed to the front of their path. Even when they were beneath the surface their high speeds causes a wake above!! As the boat reached the front of their path our captain yelled "GO GO!! IN DA WATER!!" and black-ops style we all jumped. There wasn't really time to think. Otherwise I probably would have thought twice before jumping into the raging sea waters of a HEAT RUN As soon as I put my head under water I saw it, 9 adult whales storming towards us and Garrett deep diving to join them. Absolute madness. Incredible beautiful madness!!

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Making their trips more meaningful, the Gee family also engages in charity work. In Bali, they spent a week teaching in an orphanage school. In Nevis, they visited a rest home. In some places, according to G, they simply gifted financial help to individuals they meet.

Everywhere we go we see opportunities to help and serve those around us. We wish we could help even more people, but we simply do our best to do what is right and be thoughtful and prayerful along the way,” he said.

At the end of everything you saw above, we’re pretty sure you’ll soon be asking “How to be you, G?”. Well, here’s how they plan their travels:

For each country we plan three things : Adventures, Culture Activites, and Service Projects! Of course, we do our best to make sure everything is family friendly and enjoyable for our young children,” explained G. “We encourage everyone to travel more as possible! As they say, travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer!! We totally believe that experiences bring your life more joy than things. Some people think they don’t have the time or money to travel… But, if you make it a priority, travel is totally possible for everyone!”

The Bucket List Family is now in search for a special place that feels right for their family life and they’re going to continue exploring the world. They haven’t checked the Philippines off their list yet but according to G, they can’t wait to visit his homeland sometime in 2017.

I can’t wait!! Pictures I see and stories I hear about the Philippines seem incredible,” he said.

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You know the drill. The next time you pack for a trip to paradise, tag your parents and siblings along. As Lilo and Stitch continuously reminds us: “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

Can’t get enough of their #FamilyGoals photos? Check out their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

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