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There is no denying Angkas’ popularity these days, from their witty posts on their social media accounts to their relatively cheaper transportation rates (which they proudly advertise both online and via texts).

After settling an agreement with the Department of Transportation, Angkas is officially back for a pilot run with an organized set of safety measures. Each Angkas driver is required to wear these guidelines on their body, and it must be behind them so that it faces riders.

For those who still haven’t seen the appearance of the ID-ed safety measures, here’s what they look like:


Here are the following reminders when riding with Angkas:

  • Make sure your helmet is locked and secured
  • Mount on the left side of the motorcycle (for the exhaust pipe is on the right side)
  • The drivers have specialized vests with straps on the waists for riders to hold on to
  • Lean with the driver when making turns
  • Tap on the driver’s shoulder if you want them to slow down

There are some limitations which may prohibit several riders from booking Angkas:

  • No slippers or loose clothing
  • Those who cannot reach the foot pegs or cling to the driver
  • No using of cellphones while in transit
  • There is a weight limit for each motorcycle
  • Drunk, sleepy, epileptic, and people with heart problems are discouraged from riding
  • No sitting sideways

For more information (and funny posts), check out Angkas’ socials (@angkasph)


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