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Everyone is more or less familiar about the card game UNO. It was what kids would be playing at school during breaks, or at parties while the adults were busy chatting and drinking. Nothing can beat the thrill of being the first to shout “UNO!” as players rush to get their cards out.

Everyone’s favorite – or least favorite – card is the notorious +4 card, where the unlucky victim has to pick up 4 cards from the deck. Luckily players can avoid such a deal by stacking a +2 or another +4 card until someone else will be getting a huge amount of cards.

But what if we told you that was illegal? Apparently you aren’t allowed to stack cards like that, and UNO said it themselves:

That’s right, we’ve been playing UNO wrong our whole lives. But netizens were quick to criticize UNO’s ruling, saying that the “stacking move” is a better way of playing:

What do you think, stacking or no stacking?


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