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She’s young, talented, beautiful and she has the future ahead of her. But at early age, actress Gabbi Garcia is already investing her money wisely by putting up her own company. 

Just recently, the 20-year-old artist launched her own perfume line — the HKT Fragrances. During the Maybelline event, we asked the “Last Song Syndrome” star three tips that she can give to young people who also want to put up their own business, and here are her three pointers:

  • Surround yourself with people you trust

“Make sure that people around you are trusted. You can not listen to people whom do you do not trust,” Garcia told MB Life. 

Her words is applicable not just in choosing a business partner but also employees that will be the face of the company. 

  • Love your own

“Use your product. You have to know the ins and outs of your product.”

According to the Kapuso artist, she opened her our perfume line because she loves fragrances. In fact, she even shared that she couldn’t leave their house without spraying “pabango.” And last;

  • Sell what you actually use

“You can’t sell something that you actually don’t use,” Garcia said. “For example, like kung hindi ka naman nagpapabango bakit ka magbebenta ng pabango?”

And to prove her point, the Maybelline ambassador also told us her favorite picks among her products— the ‘Extra’ and ‘Yaaas Queen.’ 

“It’s [Extra] sweet and Yaaas Queen is very citrusy,” she ended. 

Garcia’s new film with boyfriend Khalil Ramos, the “Last Song Sydrome” is slated for release this September at the annual Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. 


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