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A call centre agent named Sam Baines from Sheffield, United Kingdom decided to quit his job to focus on his studies. Instead of sending a normal resignation letter, however, Baines gave a condolence card to his boss. 

The image of the card was shared by his colleague Hannah on Twitter and instantly became viral. As of writing, the tweet already garnered more than 75,000 retweets and liked by more than 433,000 netizens. 

The cover of the card said, “So very sorry for your loss.”

Inside the card, Baines indicated his last day of work. “My last day at work is the 28th July,” followed by printed text in the card that read, “Thinking of you at this difficult time.”

According to his interview with Insider, 22-year-old Baines was thinking of a creative way of giving his notice. “I knew my boss would find it funny, so I wasn’t worried about how they’d take it. I came up with the idea because I was always joking about how much they’d miss me when I was gone, then thought a condolences card would be the perfect way to finish it off,” he said. 

Bianes’s colleague said that their boss took the condolence card well. “Everyone was laughing and pretty amused with the card,” Hannah said. “It was done in good spirit and not as a petty reaction as some people think.”

People reacted to this tweet, and shared how they did the same.


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