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By the end of July, giant production house Lionsgate will open its very own indoor theme park filled with rides and virtual reality (VR) experiences as inspired by its produced movie franchises such as The Hunger GamesTwilightDivergent, and Now You See Me.

Opening in Hengqin, China – an hour from Hong Kong – Lionsgate Entertainment World will have around 25 attractions from the studio’s films including the likes of Escape Plan and Gods of Egypt. The choice to launch in China is an effort to bank on the success of Lionsgate films in the country.

“From escaping the Capitol to braving the mental and physical challenges of Dauntless to taking on a newborn vampire army with Jacob and the Wolf Pack, we can’t wait for fans to step into the worlds of their favorite films to create their own authentic adventures,”  – Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate’s Senior VP of Global Live and Location Based Entertainment

Some of the attractions include  the 3-D motion simulator ride Hunger Games – Mockingjay Flight, the Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride VR experience, and the Divergent Series – Fear Simulator; not to mention restaurants like the Hunger Games-inspired Capitol Club, Peeta’s Bakery, and the Lionsgate Cafe.

Are you excited for another movie-inspired theme park?


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