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It has been more than 30 years since Back to the Future hit theaters, and it still remains a classic and favorite among movielovers and sci-fi geeks alike, earning a well-deserved cult status after three very enjoyable films surrounding time travel.

The idea that a fourth film in the franchise happening keeps popping up every now and then, and Christopher Lloyd (who plays the eccentric but lovable Doc Brown) has said he would be “happy” to make the film, but only if there was underlying message behind it.

“I think somehow it needs to kind of convey a message about something that’s important to everyone, universally, like climate change,” said Lloyd at the Niagara Falls Comic Con,” Some way of incorporating whatever fever is going on at the moment into the film and keep the feeling of one, two and three.”

Not only that, there is also a matter of age – Lloyd is 80 years old and his co-star Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) is 58 and suffering from Parkinson’s – but even he says that Fox is “just so present” amidst his disease.

“He has [Parkinson’s], but it’s kind of, ‘So what?’ He just moves ahead. It’s very cool,” shared Lloyd, “A couple months ago there was like a bunch of us, Back to the Future [cast] … we had a panel with all of us, and Michael just goes forth and talks, breaks people up, so it’s very cool.”

Another thing to consider is if Back to the Future creators Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale are interested in making another film, although Zemeckis said a reboot will only be possible if they both pass away, and said there is no chance of a fourth film.

Do you want to see a fourth Back to the Future?


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