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Gemini is out! That season allowed you to make new friends, explore and have new experiences. Cancer season still wants you to keep those friends and keep on exploring, but this time to do it on a deeper level. Cancer season is about taking out the bad apples and enjoying the good ones. It’s time to review the people you have welcomed in your life because you don’t want the BS to continue. Wise up and give value on the “real” people in your life. This season is all about emotions and relationships. Here is how Cancer season will affect each person according to your zodiac sign:


You gotta stay home, buddy. You know you want to. Don’t force yourself if you’re not feeling the mall or hanging out with your friends in a bar. Stay with your partner at home and cuddle. Disasters may come if you force yourself. Besides, it’s the best time to up your game in the intimacy level.


You have to say what your feeling. You can’t just bottle it up. Exploding is not an option. You have the right to say what you feel. Your emotions are valid.


Your season was fun, Gemini. You are feeling positive because of that. You feel much more comfortable and confident at this point. Take this moment to apply more of that positivity and let the Universe know what you really want in your relationships.


Happy birthday, Cancer! You should feel the love this season, because that is all you have to give right now. If you’re thinking of taking that relationship to another level with someone you’re dating, go for it. You want to be best buds with a new friend you just met whom you think is adorable, do it. They will feel honored.


In the past, you have been experiencing the need to busy yourself with hobbies and have felt that need to always be surrounded yourself with people (even if you don’t like them). You can cut the fat now and choose something that relaxes you and surround yourself with a handful of only good people. If you have a special someone, take this season to ease up and have a wonderful #chilledAF date.


Have you been friends with someone whom you’ve always had a crush on? Are they single? Then ask them out. There will not be a perfect time, other than Cancer season. Do it!


You’re going to be out of sorts this season. Don’t force yourself if you don’t feel like being with people. If you want to focus on work, then work. Don’t even submerge yourself to arguments in your workplace. It’s not going to be pretty. Stand down.


Thinking of traveling? You’re spot on. If you’re single, you might just find someone special in your adventure. If you’re in a relationship, take the heights and spend a romantic get away with your baby boo.


You don’t have to be always the smart one in a room. You don’t have to compete with your partner and you don’t have to win all arguments with them. Try to compromise. Be vulnerable. It’s okay.


Don’t be too giving. If you’re a breadwinner for your family, you don’t have to give everything to them. If you’re in a romantic relationship, don’t give in to their every whim. Give more to yourself this season. You have to feel your own love for yourself.


You’re one of the most chill zodiac signs. You always want to say you don’t care about the drama and the pain, but you do. You can’t always make a joke about it and laugh. Allow yourself this season to feel and to care.


You’re one to swim with all the ocean of emotions. You love it, but please don’t drown. Don’t forget that you have other things to do and that other people exist. Romance might be in the air but don’t be all eyes on your crush. There’s a whole other world out there.

Featured Image by Roc Verdera


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