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Dubbed an an eco-warrior and an advocate of sustainable living and tourism, Kapuso actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith set a good example of pursing a lifestyle that protects the environment. In fact, she’s an active participant of Department of Tourism’s #JuanEffectProgram that educates Filipinos about environmental protection by being a responsible tourist. 

During the Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa’s first anniversary event where she was also launched as their newest ambassador, MB Life asked Jasmine some tips how can one start to practice a conscious and sustainable living. 

Jasmine Curtis-Smith with Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa CEO, Mars Balajadia.

And here are her tips:

  • Segregate your trash

The “Sahaya” actress encourages everyone to start practicing trash segregation given that some garbage collectors couldn’t do it for us. 

“I think you can start as simple as ano rito yung mga bagay na pwede mong ise-segrate sa trash mo pa lang,” she says. “Kasi minsan kapag yung mga rubbish collectors syempre halo-halo na lahat and they can’t specifically see na ito mga recyclable materials ‘to sa kabilang truck to. Wala pa yun sa sistema natin and it might take us a while to get there, but that’s one practice that you can start at home.” 

  • Sell recyclable materials to junk shops

After segregating waste, Jasmine points out that one can bring and sell recyclable materials to junk shops. “There are proper venues na pwede mong i-deliver yung mga recyclable materials mo, yung mga junk shops that look for glass bottles or metal scraps, cardboards things like that.” 

  • Bring your own potluck and utensils

The 25-year-old Mecca Aesthetic ambassador proudly admits that she brings her own potluck and utensils when she’s on set or on taping. By doing this, she avoids using single use plastics and even styrofoam. 

  • Bring your own eco-bag and reuse it

When doing her grocery shopping, Jasmine says she make sure that she carries her own eco-bag instead of using or buying plastic bags from the supermarket. 

“Pagpupunta ka ng grocery store kung mayroon kang nabigay na eco-bags before kung saan pa man yan galing, re-used it,” she says. “Ako hindi ako nahihiya. I keep reusing things kahit hindi same supermarket yung bibilan ko, I still use it cause I feel like you just need to be maparaan about sustainability.” And lastly;

  • Start young

Jasmine shares that it is easy for her to do all of these things because she started these practices at her young age. 

“I used to practice in grade school here in the Philippines. Sa mga field trip namin [brought my own potluck]. So I think, if you can start it young mas madali mo siyang  magagawa kapag tumanda ka na,” she explains. “Kasi ngayon hindi na ako nahihirapan magbaon ng sarili kong Tupperware at kubyertos kahit papunta lang sa taping. Imbes na styrofoam and plastic at least I have my own na.”

Jasmine also said that living a sustainable life is “not about buying things to make it more sustainable,” instead, it’s about a good habits and proper practices. 


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