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With Avengers: Endgame signalling the end of an era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios’ upcoming film Spider-Man: Far From Home will cap off the third phase for the MCU – and will kickstart a new bunch of movies for hot-shot studio.

Since coming into the role of popular web-shooting hero in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland has won audiences over with his admirable portrayal of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: HomecomingAvengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame – and in Far From Home, more is expected from the 23-year-old.

Holland himself has a lot of expectations for where the Spider-Man films go, and even went to say he would love to make a movie with past live-action actors of Spider-Man, namely Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (Photo from IMDB)

“It would be amazing, it would be really, really cool,” said Holland while promoting Far From Home, “And it’s something that the fans really want. So whether Marvel and Sony decided to that, it’s up to them.”

Sony Pictures has held rights to Spider-Man and his comic characters since Maguire’s version of the hero, but made a deal with Marvel Studios to allow Spider-Man be part of the MCU. Additionally, Sony has produced the smash-hit Into The Spider-Verse where multiple incarnations of Spider-Man gathered – making a team-up actually possible.

Spider-Man/Venom crossover

“It’s not up to me, I can’t walk in like ‘Kevin [Feige] (head of Marvel Studies), this is what we’re doing on the next one,” Holland also said. Feige himself has admitted wanting to bring in Spider-Man further, only this time by colliding with a famous adversary of the web-slinger – Venom.

Venom (Photo from IMDB)

Sony also released a feature film of the dark anti-hero in Venom last year but was critically panned, but there is still hope for future films – the question is if Marvel Studios will be involved. “I think it’s probably up to Sony,” said Feige, “Sony has both those characters. I don’t know what their plans are for another Venom, but it seems likely at some point.”

Venom teased in a post-credits scene the possibility of Carnage, another Spider-Man villain rival to Venom, indicating a big push for the anti-hero even if Spider-Man won’t be involved in his films.

Do you want all the Spider-Man actors come together for a film, or would you rather see Tom Holland face Tom Hardy’s Venom in a future movie?


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