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Everyday, both pedestrians and motorists are facing life threats whenever they’re on the road. And the statistics proves that. The MMDA 2017 report stated that in Metro Manila alone, 4 in every 100,000 Filipinos died due to road accidents, while the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that there was an estimated 12,960 road deaths in 2016. 

This pushed the local tech company Djanco to create a mobile application that would help “pedestrians and motorists to be more mindful of their own safety on the streets.”

Named as Croxtec, the app works by locating the user and sending him notification alerts whether he’s in a safe zone or not. Once downloaded, the user needs to log in and identify if he’s a pedestrian or a driver, and from that, the notification he’ll receive would be customised. 

Helping deaf to safely cross roads

Another interesting feature about this life-saving app is it’s not just designed for regular motorists but also for people with special needs, specifically the deaf. Croxtec, has three alerts setting — Vibrate, Tone, and Voice. 

Vibrate setting will help a deaf person to give attention to his notification and see if he’s in the Safe, Caution,  or Unsafe Zone. These notifications and zone alerts work both for pedestrian and motorist users. 

“The app’s alertness also involves the vibration. It’s not just the sound but also the vibrating factor. In that regard it also caters the deaf community,” Aaron Carreon, product & business development strategist of Djanco told MB Life. 

He also said that they’re planning to work with different deaf communities to educate them about the app and how it would help them.

Soon: Free data consumption

Just like the navigation software Waze, Croxtec requires the user to be online all the time for it to pin the user’s location, it means this will cost data consumption. And to answer that needs, Croxtec is looking forward to partner with telecommunication companies to make the app’s data usage free for its users. 

“The app is continuously pinning for your location so that the driver can see you. We’re trying to talk to telco partners and hopefully we’ll do a whitelisting partnership with them wherein, as long as you have the app, you don’t have to pay for the data,” Carreon shared. 

In the future, Croxtec is also planning to partner with public transport groups to further extend the road safety knowledge to public utility vehicles. 

Croxtec is now available for free download on Google Playstore. 


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