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Planning to travel outside the Philippines this year? You might want to visit Cambodia because it has extended its visa-free stay for Filipinos.

Philippine Embassy in Cambodia announced on Thursday, June 13, that Filipinos can stay in Cambodia visa-free from 21 to 30 days upon arrival, and can extend for another 30 days; however, the extension can only be done once.

“The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines is pleased to inform all Filipinos that the Royal Government of Cambodia has agreed, in the spirit of reciprocity, to its request to extend the initial period of stay for holders of Philippine regular/ordinary passports who enter the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia without a visa from 21 to 30 days upon arrival,” Philippine Embassy in Cambodia said in an announcement.

If you’re planning to travel to Cambodia, you just need to present a valid and regular Philippine passport that is valid for at least six months. For those travellers who intend to stay for more than 60 days must apply for a visa upon arrival at the port of entry in Cambodia.

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