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If some of the youths of today find happiness and purpose in travelling in different parts of the world, there are some who found it through working as volunteers in different non-profit organizations. 

One of them is the Filipino model Arianna Cowper. The 24-year-old social media influencer is an active and dedicated volunteer at New Beginnings Program under CRIBS Foundation. 

CRIBS is a non-profit organization that helps young women who have been victims of sexual abuse. Here, Cowper helps these children to overcome their experiences and to see that there’s so much beauty in the world we live in. 

“I strongly believe that every child has the right to be protected and safe from sexual abuse. I have been volunteering to New Cribs to help them recover. I wanted to be a voice that help these children to have more support because I know there are more out there that needs help and that they can get help,” she shared. 

With this dedication and passion for women empowerment, it is no surprise that she’s been tapped by international shoe apparel TOMS to be their ambassador for their newest collection and to be the face of  their “Stand for Tomorrow” initiative campaign here in the Philippines. 

The “Stand for Tomorrow”

Before launching the said campaign in the country, TOMS has already rolled out the initiatives in the different parts of the globe. Since 2006, the brand has donated one pair of shoes to a child in a developing nation for every pair sold to consumers, this delivers a staggering 93 million pairs to date. Aside from that, it has also provided 740,000 sight restorations and 720,000 weeks of safe water to communities in need around the world. 

And as it finally launches in the country, they partner with local changemakers who stand for the pressing issues that we face. With that, they chose Cowper and her chosen organization to help and to work with. 

“The initiative aims to create a broader impact through addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time, initiating project-based investments with local non-profits and changemakers across the globe,” TOMS said in a press statement. 

“We spearheaded series of activities for CRIBS, we made a financial donation. We did a lot of activities this summer. We did a JS prom for the girls, we had summer camp, we had retreats, and graduation ceremonies,” Camile Banez, brand head of TOMS PH told MB Life when asked what support the brand has provided for the foundation. 

Banez also said that even though their partnership with CRIBS already started since 2018, she promised that the brand has a lot more in-stored projects for the organization. 

Life changing experience

As per Crowper, she’s thankful for the opportunity she had– to be a brand image of an international brand and much for, to help the children close to her heart. These don’t simply open more doors for her but also tech her important lessons that changed her perspective in life. 

“This teach me to be compassionate and to be grateful for what I have. My life isn’t perfect but being their, realizing that there’s much bigger problems out there that other people are facing. And that I shouldn’t look into myself too much, I should think about other people more. I feel like being in CRIBS, opens my heart more not just to the girls even to the people I meet every day and being able to relate to anyone,” she told MB Life. 

Cowper also encouraged younger people to reach out and help others in their own simple ways. “I feel like you’re never too young or never too small, too busy to do something, to share, and to change the world,” she ended. 

To know more about the campaign visit TOMS official Facebook page.


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