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From sneakers to shirts, 2019—undoubtedly the year of sustainable fashion—has shown multiple times how plastic waste from landfills and the ocean can be used to create useful items. Not only does it help clean up Earth, it also proves that it is possible to live more consciously and that more eco-friendly options are now available.

But have you ever wondered about how plastic goes from disposable to functional?

The Bags From Bottles Experiential Exhibit demonstrates how plastic bottles are turned to bags.

Enter Parkland Philippines’ “Bags from Bottles Experiential Exhibit,” a multi-sensory, bottle-shaped installation that shows how functional bags are born out of—well, you guessed that right—trashed plastic bottles.

The installation takes on the shape of a plastic bottle.

The “bag from bottles” process

“What we did here is an exhibit where visitors can see and feel the process,” Parkland Bags brand executive Troy Mapoy tells MB Life in an interview.

That process involves the gathering and sorting of plastic bottles, shredding it, melting, threading, and finally sewing them together into bags.

The life-size simulation of the procedure, however, is not an exact replication of what happens in the factory. “Instead, it’s a fun and artsy representation,” Mapoy adds.

The plastic bottles used in the exhibit are all collected from trash and will be donated to a recycling company.

A collage of all sorts of plastic bottles by the entrance represents the gathering and sorting step. A curtain of stripped textile shows the shredding phase. The red and orange neon tube lighting, meanwhile, signifies the melting stage. The interweaving strips of cloth shows the threading part.

Parkland’s Vintage backpack is made from eight plastic water bottles.

Finally, the bags become the final product of the sewing phase.

Visitors can scribble their pledge to being plastic-free.

At the very end of the installation, visitors are encouraged to write their pledge to reduce or eliminate their use of plastic.

Produced in Vietnam, each bag, depending on the style and size, can be made from 8-14 plastic bottles sourced and treated in China’s recycling plants.

Promotion of sustainability

But more than an experience, Parkland, through the exhibit, wants to encourage consumers to live a sustainable life.

The Canada-born brand leads by example.

Parkland Philippines brand executive Troy Mapoy talks about the exhibit during the launch event.

“As a company that advocates recycling plastic bottles, we considered sustainability in every step of creating this exhibit,” Mapoy shares. “We’re going to donate the bottles used in this installation to a recycling company, while the polycarbonate housing will be given to communities in need of roofing.”

The brand has also partnered with Initiative PH, a youth-led organization coordinating relief efforts and sustainable programs for poverty-ridden areas, for Project Taft. The collaboration will give Araullo High School in Manila a 100,000-peso worth of chairs made from recycled plastic.

“We wanted everyone to be aware of what’s happening in our environment,” Mapoy adds. “We should tackle the problem on plastic by taking a step to sustainability.”

The Bags from Bottles Experiential Exhibit, which runs until June 9, is located in Uptown Mall’s Atrium in BGC. Parkland Philippines is distributed by Primer Group of Companies.


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