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Artificial nail sets are becoming very popular in the Philippines. You can buy it online and in beauty stores almost everywhere. But if you love using fake nails, you might want to check if it’s safe to use first. An environmental group warned the public against buying artificial nail sets that include an adhesive which contains a banned substance dangerous to health.

EcoWaste Coalition revealed on Thursday, June 6, that they discovered unlabeled and unregistered false fingernail products in Divisoria with matching glue containing dibutyl phthalate (DBP) as shown on the label.

Through a letter sent to the Food and Drug Administration – Center for Cosmetic Regulation and Research (FDA-CCRR), the group said that artificial nail sets bearing the names “Beauty Nail,” “Don,” “Nail Salons,” “Nail Style,” and “Splendid Nails,” costing P12.50 to P50 per set were being sold at 11/88 Shopping Mall and Lucky Chinatown Shopping Mall.

“The adhesive that is used to attach the artificial nail to the real one contains DBP, a chemical that has been linked to endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive disorders, and even cancer,” Chemical Safety campaigner of EcoWaste Coalition Thony Dizon said.

In an advisory in 2015, FDA said that  “DBP has the ability to cause allergic reactions” and warning that “there were previous cases where allergic response to DBP was found to be severe.”

“Allergic reactions can induce a state of hypersensitivity in the immune system. It can cause the immune system to respond to chemical exposures with immunological reactions that are harmful, varying from hives to life threatening responses such as anaphylactic shock, where low blood pressure and breathing difficulties can result in death,” the FDA warned.

To prevent the distribution of the artificial nail sets, the EcoWaste Coalition urged the FDA to: “conduct post-market surveillance targeting artificial nail sets that lack the required product notification, issue a public health warning against unnotified nail adhesive containing DBP, and initiate law enforcement action, including seizure of non-compliant products, in coordination with local government, health and police authorities.”



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