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Couple Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff is undeniably one of the examples of #relationshipgoals today. This funny and adventurous celebrity duo loves to pull pranks to one another, continuously shows the world how exciting their married life is. 

In an exclusive interview during the Pepsi Puso Event, Bolzico shared with MB Life some pieces of advice to achieve a healthy and strong relationship that last for life time. 

Love and respect women

According to him, people might find his social media posts about #BulliedHusbandClub as some sort of jokes, but in reality, it’s their light, funny way of reminding men to love and respect women. 

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5 Easy Steps to have a successful Valentines from the #BulliedHusbandClub Hand Book 1- Do not forget about Valentines. 14 of Feb is everyone's Anniversary! Forgetting it can cause similar damages as forgetting her Birthday, Anniversary, Monthversary or Dayversary. Check with your wifezillla what is the correct unit to measure the celebration of your time together. 2- Be Creative: flowers, chocolates or teddy bears are ok, but you dont want your wifezilla to have the following conversation with a fellow wifezilla: W1: "What did you get for Valentines" – W2: "Chocolates, and you?" – W1: "Oh, me too" … Followed by an extense conversation on how their husbands/boyfriends are not putting enough effort anymore; those type of conversations escalate quickly leading to the following conversation at home: #BHCMember – "Hi Bebu, how are you?" – W: "OK" *with upset face* – BHCM: "Are you upset?" – W: "No!" *Still upset face* – BHCM "What happened bebu?" – W1: "You know exactly what happened" *storms out*; we will have a full explanation on how to deal with these conversations in a different post, but during Valentines that can be avoided by being a bit creative! A collage of pictures of both of you together never fails! 3- Time over material: Spending quality time together is always the best gift. A special date with no phones is always a great idea! 4- Be yourself, authenticity is romantic: the fact that is Valentine doesn't mean you should become someone else, do something special but with your personal touch! 5- If you realize that your wifezilla disagrees with the points above, ignore all of them and go with what she believes, wants or says! This last point overrules points 1 to 4. Bonus Track: Maybe a quick call to the in-laws to wish them Happy Valentines, can also add some #MarryMiles (we will also explain the use of #MarryMiles in a separate post). #HappyValentinesEveryone #SosBolzIsHavingANoPhoneDateTonight #IfIMakeItOnTimeFromCDO

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“f you’re the man the relationship, always respect your woman. We have the Bullied Husband’s Club and that’s not actually a joke on being overly respectful to women, because today, I think we need to appreciate women on who they are, what they do,” the Pepsi endorser explained. 

“They are basically the ones giving birth, while the other might be having the hardest time today in the world. So I think in reality, the man have to respect and protect the woman,” he continued. 

Give each other space and freedom 

Aside from that, Bolzico also reminded everyone that a romantic relationship shouldn’t be forced, allowing love, respect, and understanding grow within. 

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As you all know my wife is very beautiful, probably the most beautiful girl in the world, that is why she has so many guys proposing to her all the time. The picture shows her reaction every time someone proposes. Look again, she is not showing the middle finger! In line with that, I think it is a good opportunity to discuss how we feel when our Wifezillas talk to another guy. This is always a tricky situation and the way we react can be very critical for the future of our relationship and physical health. Before meeting @Solenn, I used to get very jealous; I always assumed that any guy talking to my girlfriend was trying to hit on her, I didn’t believe in friendship between opposite sexes. But I was wrong, 1 million times wrong! Thinking that way only leads to unfounded fights, drama and degradation of the relationship. The truth (The #BolzTruth) is, if our relationship is based in trust and respect, we shouldn’t be worry about it, and we should be fine with our ladies talking to other guys; except if that other guy is @erwan, then you should be worry, too much sexyness there, irresistible for any human being. I understand that we see our wives as the most beautiful and precious person in our life (if you think different, then go check rule #254 of the #BulliedHusbandClub hand book) and might be difficult seeing them talking to another guy; but it is ok, they should be able have male friends, as we should be able to have female friends (If your #Wifezilla thinks differently then she is right, you shouldn’t be able to have female friends). Summarizing, if you really love her, then: trust her, give her the freedom she deserves and let her be; this way you will see your relationship getting stronger every day! Disclaimer: as usual, these are my words based on what I believed and experienced, as usual I can be wrong; and, if by any means, what I write, say or even think, is not in line with my wife opinion, then my wife opinion should predominate and everything else was wrong, even if that means contradicting, math, physics, gravity, supreme justice or the Pope, she is right; and that my friends, is the Rule #560 of the #BulliedHusdbandsClub hand book.

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“For couples, I think each individual should have freedom to do what they want, they should want to be with each other, and they should miss each other when they’re not together,” he said. This is truly applicable for him and Heussaff who are both busy pursuing their respective careers. 

Although his tips might sounds biased in favor of women, Bolzico acknowledges the fact that these won’t work if the partner is not willing to cooperate and to do necessary sacrifices. 

“But it takes two to tango. And I think, it should be a mutual relationship based on mutual respect, but also based on mutual freedom. We should be able to give space and freedom to one another. I think that’s very important for the long term of the relationship,” he ended. 

Bolzico is an Argentinian agriculturist who moved in the Philippines when he married Kapuso actress Solenn. 


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