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Gemini season is the time to do the work. After a month of retreat, contemplation and rumination in Taurus season, this is the time to apply what you have learned and discovered. You have done your research and built up a solid theory about your life, now is the time for practical application. Gemini is about the thought process and communication. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, which the planet of communication, intellect and cognitive functioning. As far as communication is concerned, gossip and rumors are also part of the Gemini element. Here are ways Gemini season will affect each sign.

Note: Water signs beware, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, the air element season is not much a fan of yours.


You are like an energizer bunny at this point, doing things left and right. You will feel so inspired to go up and running to reach your goals. There will be days that you might feel a little bit overwhelmed with all the multi-tasking you are doing, but pick your fights. Learn how to prioritize the important things and you will just be alright.


Don’t be sad, Taurus, that your season is over. You have brought a lot of brilliance in everyone of us. Since you have had the time to ruminate over things during your season, now is the time to share your thoughts and speak up. You will be listened to.


Perhaps, you haven’t been the favorite of a lot of people because when you speak, trouble comes their way. That is not true at all. You are simply speaking the truth and most of your gossips have been radared and resourcefully acquired from these people. So, Gemini, it’s time to shine. Go celebrate your season. Be the social butterfly that you are. Share your knowledge and wisdom with the world. You will be appreciated.


As above mentioned, you will feel a bit odd these days when you are with your friends. You will feel that people are talking behind you. That’s your anxiety kicking up. You will be lost in your head most of the time. Be careful when you start overthinking.


Hey Leo, you may think that you’re not ready yet to set out to the world, but your energy tells you otherwise. You will find yourself mingling with old friends and new ones. You will be the life of the party as always. You will be attracting people just wanting to converse with you, they would love it very much to pick that brain of yours. Feel free to do so.


Who run the world? Well, you, Virgo. You are the boss. You are sharing Mercury with Gemini as your ruling planet. Your ambition is like a revving engine just waiting to speed up. So, go set those goals and get them.


You are up for an adventure and new discoveries. Go talk to that barista you’ve been dying to know or that bartender whose been so nice to you all this time. Go travel at random to a new city you’ve never been to, domestic or international.


You might feel misunderstood during these days. You might also misunderstand a lot of people. If you’re looking for serious romance, now is not the right time, because people will be whispering sweet nothings and empty promises to you.


You will need to learn how to communicate with others especially your loved ones. You need to work on your personal relationships and make sure that your message is not lost somewhere.


Apply that regimen you’ve always been wanting to try out. Explore that new diet. Enroll in that new gym. Staying healthy and taking care of yourself like you’ve always wanted to is what you really need to start doing this Gemini season.


You are going to be in your best self this time, Aquarius. You will be overflowing with positive energy in your romance. Your talent and creativity will be oozing out with all things that you do. So, go have fun!


You have to take it easy this season.  It’s that time you would feel like you just want to stay at home. Go do that. While you’re at it, spend time with your family and loved ones. It’s all for the best.

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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