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While the 20th anniversary re-release of the iconic Tamagotchi was met with much excitement last year, a new version of the virtual pet simulation toy could get fans even more excited.

Called Tamagotchi On, the game device now comes in color and more defined illustrations of the pet, as opposed to its original pixelated screen. The toy, however, is still in its much-loved egg shape and handy size.

But perhaps its most modern upgrade is that it can be connected to any smartphone. Through the Tamagotchi On app, anyone can connect with fellow players to go on play dates, travel, getting married, and even hatching a baby.

Unlike it predecessors, the new device also allows players to own an unlimited number of pets.

There are four toy colors to choose from: Fairy Pink, Fairy Blue, Magical Purple, or Magic Green.

The new Tamagotchi On comes out on July 28 in the US via Bandai America. As of writing, there’s no word if it will be available locally.

Would you get yourself a Tamagotchi again?


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