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Since departing from previous band IV of Spades, young artist Unique Salonga is carving his own name in the local music industry. 

In August 13, 2018, he released his first solo album “Grandma,” and was nominated in this year’s MYX Music Awards under the category of Rock Video of the Year for “Cha-ching!”

Unique Salonga performed during the 2019 MYX Music Awards.

Then last month, the “Sino” singer teased his fans about his second album through social media posts. During the MYX Music Awards night, he was asked to share further details about the new album. 

However, Salonga said, it was nothing but a bluff. “Joke lang ‘yun,” he told MB Life. “Sorry joke lang siya promise.” 

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He then clarified that he has a plan to release a new album, but not any time soon, “Matagal pa. Siguro next year.” 

Competing against IV of Spades

Under the same category, Salonga competed against his former band’s “In My Prison” music video. When asked what he thought about it, he gave a message to the band, “Good luck sa kanila.” 

Despite sportsmanship that he had shown through this message, it seems like he’s still not on good terms with IV of Spades. When asked if he still communicating with them, the 19-year-old artist walked out during the interview. 

Later that night, IV of Spades bagged the Rock Video of the Year award.


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