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“Idol Philippines” judge Moira Dela Torre had shared her reaction about JK Labajo’s strong statement when a reggae singer didn’t make it to the next round of the singing competition. 

According to the “Tagpuan” singer, she understands that everyone is free to air their own opinion and that she respect Labajo’s point of view. 

“He’s entitled to his own opinion so I have nothing but respect for his decisions,” Dela Torre told the members of the press during the 2019’s MYX Music Awards night held on Wednesday, May 15. 

Moira dela Torre bags several recognition at the 2019’s MYX Music Awards. The “Mellow Video of the Year,” “Collaboration of the Year” with December Avenue, and Spotify’s “Most Streamed Artist of the Year.”

She also said she believes that contestant Luke Baylon, the reggae singer will have his own time. “And I personally think that Luke is great. If there’s someone who believes in second chances and perfect timing, ako po ‘yon. And I know Luke will have his own time,” she ended. 

It can be recalled that through Instagram stories, the “Buwan” singer didn’t hold back in airing his sentiments about the judges’ decision on not giving Baylon a chance. 

“It’s a yes for me. I’m not even gonna argue with the other judges. It’s easy to fix flats and sharps and such imperfections but it’s not that easy to find soul. Kakagigil,” Labajo wrote. 

The “The Voice Philippines” alumnus even called out the “Idol Philippines” judges. “HUGE shame on the other ‘judges’ for not seeing this guy’s potential. What a shame. Such a shame. I’m ashamed,” he ended. 


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