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Online entertainment platform iFlix has brought laughter and stand-up comedy closer to every Filipino as they released the second season of “Hoy! Bibig Mo.” This show features four Filipino comedians namely Alex Calleja, GB Labrador, Mak Navarez, and Mike Unson to entertain the audience with their original written joke materials.

A new offering for Filipino viewers

As defined by Encyclopedia Britannica, a stand-up comedy “is delivered by a solo performer speaking directly to the audience in some semblance of a spontaneous manner.” And this type of comedy can be considered barely new to the Philippine entertainment industry, as Filipinos were only exposed to sitcoms and television’s comedy shows.

“Stand-up is very new to the Philippines so the audience is also new to it. It was also quite a fun challenge making the first time audience laugh,” Labrador told MB Life.

“It’s nice that iFlix is continuing to help build stand-up comedy scene in the country by showcasing the Filipino comedians. It’s the second season so they gave us more time on stage, more time to do give more jokes. It’s a win for Filipino stand-up comedy scene,” he continued.

In “Hoy! Bibig Mo,” Labrador talks about daily life, while Calleja shares his experiences travelling with his better half. Navarez delivers witty anecdotes, while Unson shares witty repartee on things whether big and small.

Stand-up vs. traditional comedy

If stand-up is new, what makes it different from the traditional comedy shows? According to Navarez, it’s the spontaneity and originality.

“With the stand-up that we are trying to promote, it’s more on observational and point of view. Ito yung mga personal experience, kwento lang ng buhay na lalagyan mo lang ng punch lines para maging nakatatawa,” he explained.

The “Hoy!Bibig Mo” stand-up comedians: Mike Unson, Alex Calleja, Mak Navarez, and GB Labrador. (Image from @iflixPH)

“Hindi ito gaya ng nakasanayan nating comedy like slapstick, gay comedy, and the good thing with point of view comedy, everything, all materials are original. Sinulat talaga namin. Unlike with other comedy sketches na paikot-ikot nalang yung joke, paulit-ulit. But with our circuit of stand-up comedy, you can not use someone else’s joke, it has to be your own joke and dapat original lang.”

“Hoy! Bibig Mo” is now available for streaming on iFlix for free.

“For a fan of comedy and even if you’re not, actually mas maganda ‘yon para maging fans na kayo, please watch season 2 of Hoy! Bibig Mo on iFlix. Even if you’re not a subscriber, maa-access mo yung show doon sa free catalog,” Unson ended.


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