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If you’re looking to binge an excellently-produced animated comedy, this is it.

Tuca & Bertie, created by BoJack Horseman showrunner Lisa Hanawalt, is the deliciously raunchy, female-centered show you have yet to see. Starring Tiffany Haddish (Tuca) and Ali Wong (Bertie), this latest offering from Netflix zooms in on the escapades and misadventures of two 30-year-old bird women in the city of Bird Town. It’s wildly reminiscent of BoJack, Friends, and Girls in various respective manners, which makes the viewing experience entirely conversant.

It’s got your sweet sister bonding plot hopped up on issues about sex, work, personal relationships, and adulthood. Given how close the 10-episode premiere season hits home, it isn’t exactly hard to embark upon.

A twist on a classic trope

The archetypal pairing of hedonistic Tuca and uptight Bertie is dateless, but the sensible breakdown of their relationship through ups and downs definitely made the show. It helps that it’s oddly familiar in the sense of awkward dates, moving out, job hopping, and a lot of sensual talks as plot devices, yet there’s weighty experimentation on how to move things forward with intimate causes.

Hanawalt didn’t hold back in trialing creative executions throughout the series, which made the more mundane moments both relatable and memorable, and the characters more realized and sincere than most shows streaming.

Realism is surrealism

Bird Town itself isn’t what you call “basic,” it’s full of underground slides, scrumptious and racy bakeshops, and a bunch of boobs almost everywhere (there’s even a talking boob in the show, it’s not a big deal). It gives the story the whimsy it needs for effective visual storytelling, without going over what it needs to achieve.

This makes Tuca & Bertie one of the many good examples of delivering important messages through entertainment. It’s one of those programming that we hope we saw early on when we started making our way through life, since every episode tackles significant topics helpful to personal development.

Be it learning to stand your ground at work, trying out ways to be financially solid, or finding healthy ways to ramp up your sex drive, you’re bound to feel understood by the dreamlike effecting of Hanawalt’s masterpiece.

Undoubtedly, any show normalizing life’s spectrum is welcome any day. When it’s done right — like a show for women by women called Tuca & Bertie — it most definitely is a triumph.

Photo from Netflix


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