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To mark the anniversary since first uploading her thrifting and styling videos, photographer, fashion enthusiast, and certified ukay shopper Shaira Luna is bringing a very special guest to her Youtube channel—actress Julia Barretto.

The ten-minute clip is Luna’s attempt to recreate, with thrifted clothes, six Instagram-posted looks from Barretto, whose style dabbles on both classic and fun fashion choices.

Emulating the young star’s style seems like a success for the photographer, though, as some of the following stills show.

Shaira Luna takes on Julia Barretto’s nude slip dress.
A pullover, jeans, and belt for a Julia Barretto look? No problem for Shaira Luna.
Shaira Luna channels Julia Barreto’s retro vibe in this recreated outfit.

Luna details the brands, if there are any, and prices of all the clothes she used in the video, most of which are under PhP 100.

If anyone wants to mimic Barretto’s looks, however, the young star says there are five key items to own: denim, a basic white shirt, a white tank top, a form-fitting dress, and a pair of white sneakers. “Keep it simple,” Barretto adds. “The basics are super important. To me, I can have this [basic white] shirt in 50 pieces because it’s where everything starts.”

When asked if she would ever consider thrift-shopping, Barretto says she has always wanted to. “I just don’t know how I’m going to do it in a safe way,” she shares. “If I’m going to start shopping, I’d want to focus on it. I don’t want to be distracted.”

Check out the rest of the looks in this video:


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