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After launching Checkout, a feature that makes shopping so much easier, Instagram launched a new curated account to help you with your online shopping.

@shop, a new account manages by a team at Instagram, is created for the community of people who love to shop.

“@shop is a celebration of small businesses and the creators behind them,” Instagram said in a post. “The content on this account is inspired by our community of shoppers — you. @shop is a real-time reflection of our community’s interests across top shopping categories like fashion, beauty, home decor and more.”

As of writing, there are 13 posts on their Instagram account. You’ll see posts about brands like Feel jeans, fashion and beauty products like Glossier Play Colorslide, stories behind various brands from founders like KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson of Mented Cosmetics, and many more.

The best part about it is that every product featured includes product tags which took users to the page of that product or brand.

In April 2018, the photo sharing app also launched an account called @design to explore design and craft at Instagram and around the world.

Photos from Instagram


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