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The latest episode of Game of Thrones had one of the most painful break-ups ever on the show, and it’s painful because neither of them got to say goodbye. Spoiler warning if you haven’t watched “The Last of the Starks” yet; Ghost the direwolf survived the Battle of Winterfell, but Jon decides that he should go back beyond the Wall where he belongs.

Ghost is all tattered up and scarred, even missing an ear, and Jon didn’t even bend down to give him a farewell hug – Ghost is such a good boy, he deserves a proper good-bye! Instead Jon decides to head south for Daenerys, not knowing that the dragon he rides is already dead. Understandably the show spends more money on making the direwolves than the dragons, but we’re here to show why these giant doggos make better pets and friends:

They’re more home-friendly

Historically speaking, if they aren’t chained or kept locked up, dragons will keep on growing until they die. That is not the kind of pet you’ll want to have around – you won’t be able to bring it inside! Direwolves on the other hand, though larger than a regular wolf, are quite manageable and can be kept indoors. Besides, wouldn’t you want to hug that furry animal before you sleep?

They’re easier to train

Just like any dog, direwolves can be trained. Arya tried doing it with Nymeria, Summer helped Bran the whole time he couldn’t walk, and Ghost & Grey Wind stayed as much as they could beside Jon and Robb (although Shaggy Dog was a bit rough). Dragons are wild by nature and can never really be tamed, even Daenerys had a hard time controlling her dragons. Best kept it simple.

They’re also easier to feed

To be clear, both direwolves and dragons are meat-eaters. But we learned in this latest season that “eighteen goats and eleven sheep” were not enough to feed Drogon and Rhaegal (RIP); just think of how many goats, sheep, cows, and horses you’ll have to find then. At least for direwolves, one kill on a hunt is enough for a meal – so maybe even large slab of meat will suffice.

They’re extremely loyal

Maybe it’s because the Starks’ direwolves were raised at home, but it should be enough to show that direwolves will protect you always and never leave your side. We mentioned what Ghost and Grey Wind did for their masters, Summer killed an assassin and remained a loyal pet until the end (we still hate you Bran), and Nymeria’s new pack is loyal to her. Again, dragons are wild, and could turn on you if they were hungry – not worth the risk.

You can take them anywhere

Jon, Bran, and Rickon took Ghost, Summer, and Shaggy Dog up north, Robb had Grey Wind in all his battles and feasts, and Lady (for the small amount time we saw her) was the best pet Sansa could ever ask for. Direwolves can and will travel with you wherever you go. And dragons? They’ll take YOU anywhere, even if you don’t want to. Unless you become a skilled dragonrider, those humongous beasts are in control of your trips.

They are extremely cute

If you need one reason why direwolves are better, this is it. From the moment they were born to the last moment we saw them, each of the Stark direwolves were just adorable. Just think of little Summer trotting behind Bran, a clueless Nymeria not knowing what Arya was saying, Lady and Grey Wind with those sad doggy eyes, and yes we also love a weary Ghost. Sorry dragons, direwolves for the win.


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