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More than a year after her last movie “My Perfect You” with Gerald Anderson, 2015 Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach will be back on the big screen. 

During the Cream Silk event where she is launched as the ambassador, the beauty queen shared some details about this new project. 

“I’m shooting for a movie for Blacksheep next week,” Pia said. But unlike her last movie, this one challenges Pia to show her dark side. “It’s a dark comedy and it’s gonna be with Vhong Navarro.”

She also said that this movie excites her because she has to play a character entirely new to her. “Psycho girlfriend siya, very interesting. Kaya ko ba?” she giddily said.

When asked how’s her experience working with the 42-year-old comedian, the actress couldn’t share more because they haven’t officially started the shooting.  “Play date, I think is in July 10. So far we did two workshops pa lang. Officially we gonna start next week,” she explained. 

Pia also admitted that she’s looking forward to go back to acting. “Nakakamiss din yung acting kasi everyday I’m Pia, but then for a few days, I can be someone else and that’s fun.”

Darna audition

As one of the netizen’s top picks to play the titular role Darna, Pia didn’t escape the question if she joined the open auditions held last May 4 and 5. 

“I didn’t audition because I’d been travelling when I found out that they are doing the audition for it,” she answered. 

She then expressed her interest to bag the iconic role. “But we’ll see what happens. This is everybody’s dream, and everybody would jump at the opportunity to try for Darna, so why not?” she continued. 

When asked if she’s willing to play as a villain in the highly anticipated Darna’s comeback on the big screen, Pia didn’t close her doors for the opportunity. 

“Whatever they decided to give me, and whatever they see me fit, I’ll take it,” she ended. 


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