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With more than 3M subscribers on her YouTube channel, Alex Gonzaga is undeniably one of the most in demand Filipino celebrity content creators of today. Her videos depict her everyday life and a reflection of herself– a funny, goofy, and bubbly person.

During Watson’s Facebook Live event, where she was one of the guests, some members of the press had an opportunity to talk with Alex about her vlogging career and the secrets behind her success in the digital platform.

Content creating vs. showbusiness

The 31-year-old actress revealed that there’s a huge difference between being a celebrity and being a content creator. According to her, her vlog becomes her outlet, an avenue for herself expression.

Kasi sa showbusiness may mga times na may gusto silang ipagawa sa’yo kahit hindi ka komportable, na tingin mo hindi ikaw, pero kailangan mong gawin kasi artista ka or kasi empleyado ka,” Alex shared.

“Now that I have vlogging, nailalabas ko pa rin yung totoong sarili ko. And I think, I just needed to look for my audience, and fortunately I found them on YouTube. Nasa digital sila, students, millennials, and I’m so happy na I found them, because wala na pala sila masyado  sa TV nandun na pala sila,” she told MB Life.

The secrets of Alex Gonzaga channel

But what’s with her contents that the younger market get hooked and what aspiring vlogger can learn from it? “You just have to be true to yourself and dapat you should just enjoy,” Alex said.

The “Mary, Marry Me” lead star also explained the importance of being your own work’s audience and creating contents that are relatable. “At the end of the day, ‘pag may ginagawang kang video or may pino-post ka, dapat you are your own audience.”

“Dapat natatawa ka, dapat natutuwa ka, dapat satisfied ka sa napanuod mo. Ako as a content creator, kapag hindi ako komportable doon sa nagawa kong video, hindi ako natatawa, hindi ako nage- enjoy, hindi ko pino-post. Secret ko lang is dapat ako mismo natatawa doon sa video,” she revealed.

Tips to aspiring content creators

Even though she enjoyed vlogging, Alex said that it is not as easy as it seems to look like. “Hindi pupwedeng gusto mo yung isang bagay kasi gusto mo lang yung nakukuha,” she said. “Actually lahat ‘yan may hirap. Like my sister (Toni Gonzaga). Now, alam na niya na mahirap mag-edit, ang hirap mag-isip, ang hirap mag-shoot. Ang hirap na mag-travel vlog kasi hindi mo nae-enjoy, kasi iniisip mo yung content mo.”

With that, she reminded those who want to venture into the path of vlogging, to love not just the perks but also the whole process of content creating. “If this is for you, you need to find it in yourself na if you really want to entertain, if you really want to share, and you really want to share your personal life, and kung nage-enjoy ka.”

“Hindi lang ‘to pasarap buhay. So kung ready ka doon hindi lang dahil nakikita mo yung perks, kundi gusto mo talaga yung proseso ng pagiging vlogger and content creator, then go, do it,” she ended.


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