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Today is Star Wars Day and there’s no doubt that every fan will look into celebrating the day basking in their beloved epic space-opera film franchise.

Enter Uniqlo’s new shirts—the Star Wars UT Collection. The first of many Master of Graphics projects to come, all 18 shirts in this offering feature the reimagination of iconic Star Wars imagery through streetwear artists Jun Takahashi, Tetsu Nishiyama, and UT Creative Director NIGO.

Designer Jun Takahashi for Master of Graphics UT Collection featuring Star Wars

Owner and founder of 29-year-old streetwear label UNDERCOVER, Jun Takahashi, turns to his love for the Star Wars films as a child for his designs, which feature droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. “I fondly remember Star Wars as the first science fiction movie I saw in my childhood,” he shares. “The characters and prop designs are endlessly novel and fascinating.”

Designer Tetsu Nishiyama for Master of Graphics UT Collection featuring Star Wars

Forget that fact that Tetsu Nishiyama owns multiple fashion brands such as FORTY PERCENT AGAINST RIGHTS, WTAPS, and DESCENDANTS. With his designs for this project, he is simply a devoted Star Wars fan pouring his “heart and soul into it.” One of the shirts he designed uses Dewback as a motif, a rugged and ridable reptile he has loved from the 1990s.

Designer Nigo for Master of Graphics UT Collection featuring Star Wars

Nigo, a pioneer of Tokyo street fashion and UT’s current creative director, pays homage to his favorite character from all Star Wars films—the Rodian bounty hunter, Greedo. So much so that he has incorporated quotes from the character. “I loved the scene in which Greedo appeared, although this was where Han Solo blasted him,” he shares. “The exchange between the characters and the rhythm of Greedo’s speech were superb.” Lines from the legendary Jedi, Yoda, is also in his ensemble.

Available in Men’s and Kid’s sizes, the shirts retail for PhP 790 and PhP 390, respectively.

The Master of Graphics UT Collection featuring Star Wars is now available in Uniqlo Manila Global Flagship Store and SM Megamall. 


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