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The midterm elections is less than two weeks away and if you’re still undecided on who to vote for to fill the 12 Senate seats ready for occupancy, help is just a click away.

Enter the “PH Senatorial Candidate Quiz,” a tool that can help voters determine who among the senatorial bets match their stand on some of the country’s most pressing issues today.

Ryan Yu, a data strategist for Thinking Machines Data Science, is the brainchild of the quiz. In a now-viral Facebook post, he shares the quiz for everyone to try out.

I've been finding it difficult to pick my final list of 12 senatorial candidates for the upcoming election, so I decided…

Posted by Ryan Yu on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

“I’ve been finding it difficult to pick my final list of 12 senatorial candidates for the upcoming election, so I decided to make a quick test to help me figure it out,” he writes. “Feel free to try it out, and let me know what you think!”

How it works

The quiz lets the test taker vote either in favor or against key issues like Anti-Discrimination or SOGIE Bill, Anti-Political Dynasty, Bangsamoro Basic Law, Death Penalty, Divorce, among many others.

Every time a person taking the quiz indicates their stand on issues, the list of senatorial bets beside it will adjust accordingly. By the time the quiz is completed, the voter will see all the senators ranked for them, based on the closest match of views.

A simple quiz for understandable results

In an online interview with MB Life, Yu says he made the quiz “as simple as possible” to make the results “easily understandable.”

Its basis is a data set in a publicly shared Google Sheet owned by Bella Brillantes. It contains compiled information on the senatorial bets such as the party they belong to, notable experiences in and out of government service, declared statements, assets, liabilities, and net worth (SALN), as well as their publicly declared stand on issues.

The process of completing the dashboard took him less than a week. “I spent a couple of days on-and-off working on initial versions, getting feedback from my officemates, and fine-tuning the visualization,” he shares.

Through the quiz, he wants to try a different approach–using pure political stances to recommend candidates, instead of focusing on political parties and allegiances.

Yu clarifies, however, that the quiz should not be the sole basis in deciding on a final list of bets. “It’s a good starting point for Filipinos to learn more about their candidates” he says.

On the quiz going viral, Yu says that while he finds it unexpected, he is happy about the reception.

“I thought it’d be used by a few friends and family but it got shared around a lot more than I anticipated,” he shares. “I’ve [also] heard very positive feedback about how the quiz makes the process of political education fun, engaging, and helpful in both challenging people’s assumptions on candidates that they already knew while also introducing them to new candidates whom they might want to support.”

Meanwhile, Yu suggests taking the quiz on desktop or landscape view on mobile as it works best in the said orientation.

Curious to know how this tool works? Take the PH Senatorial Candidate Quiz here.


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