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Before its closure last year, Boracay is known not only for its pristine and white sand beaches, but also for its nightlife. Parties and concerts are all around the island especially on the Labor Day weekend with a summer event known as “LaBoracay.” But as part of the rehabilitation plan, LaBoracay will not happen this year. Instead, there will be event called “Love Boracay”  from April 26 up to May 1.

Photo by Marella Gaspar/MANILA BULLETIN

“Love Boracay” is an eco-friendly event that aims to generate environmental awareness among residents, business owners, and tourists in Boracay. The week-long celebration features pocket events such as beach clean-up, sustainability talks, food festival, and more.

If you’re still looking for party and want to experience the Boracay nightlife, there will be a summer street party and arts and music night, too. It’s not the usual LaBoracay party, but it’s nice to have some fun while being mindful of the environment, right?

Check out the schedule of “Love Boracay” event below:

April 26

  • Ati-Atihan Tribes Parade – 8am, beach front station 1, 2, and 3
  • Paraw Regatta and Sail Painting – 9am, 2F Jaypee Bamboo Restaurant, station 3
  • Summer Street Party – 4pm at the Lake Town Main Road

April 27

  • Sustainability and Green Architecture Talks – 8am at City mall
  • Water Festival – 1pm, Mad Monkey Hostel Road
  • Arts and Music Festival – 8pm, Mad Monkey Hostel Road

April 28

  • Beach Clean-Up – 6am, beach front station 1, 2, and 3, and Balabog Beach
  • Sustainability Talks – 2pm, Manoc-Manoc Gym
  • Law Enforcers’ Night: Variety Show – 5pm, Manoc-Manoc Gym

April 29

  • Department of Tourism (DOT) events and activities – whole day, Boracay Island

April 30

  • Drone Film Festival and Victory Party – 7pm, Tindahan It Boracay, Sitio Kipot, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc

May 1

  • Ocean Lovers Night – 5pm, Laketown Main Road
  • Dive Fest Awards – 8pm Tindahan It Boracay, Sitio Kipot, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc

April 26 – May 1 

  • Boracay Food Fest – Laketown Main Road (in front of Budget Mart D’Mall)


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