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Aries, we enjoyed your fire, but we have to say goodbye for now because we are just loving the Taurus season vibe!

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus energy tends to be steadfast, grounded and slow in pace. The sign loves earthly pleasures and possessions – long baths, stretched naps, expensive car collections, luxurious hotel stays. It’s all about chilling, being focused and down with pursuing your plan like aiming for a bull’s eye. The season will conjure all signs to be grounded and honest with oneself. Before pursuing anything, you need to be completely honest with yourself and get to know who you really are. That’s the only way the Taurus magic would work on everyone. Here are other ways the Taurus season will affect each person according to their zodiac signs:


Taurus may be all about being luxurious AF, but Aries, you have to be careful with your spending. Save all now and take pleasure in spending later.


Happy birthday, our dear lovely Bull! If you’re feeling a little song coming through, just belt it out. Do things that will please you. Appreciate the small joys of life. All you have to do this season is be who you are and chill.


You need to be on a spiritual adventure. Explore the mind, body and spirit. Call on the powers of Taurus to help you stay grounded and to get you out of your overthinking self.


You have always been the domesticated partner or the mother in your relationships. This Taurus season, you need to let your partner and friends take care of you. They will enjoy every bit of it, so don’t shy away from the love.


You have always been loved by the limelight and whatever light have shined upon you during fire days of Aries, it will continue. Don’t be pressured by the demand on your talents and skills. Don’t forget to chill in the process.


Allow yourself to give in to conversations and enjoy activities that give you mental stimulations. You will be craving for these mental stimulants. Read on philosophical books, write poetry, solve puzzles or engage conversations with art enthusiasts.


You will be back to your old self after everyone has told you have you’ve gone rogue the past few seasons. Stop overthinking and enjoy your spirituality. Be the air sign everybody loved and missed.


You might be thinking that this is the time to enjoy hanging out with your group of friends, but you might want to slow it down. Don’t spend too much of your energy with people that are not entirely on an intimate level with you. You might as well focus on hanging out with friends individually. Take care of your energy.


Usually, you’re not the type to make plans. You like spontaneity and surprising yourself with things you want to do today. However, Taurus season is not the time for that. You will have to do a complete 360 degrees and start befriending your planner. Since Taurus is the time to be chill but focused.


Open yourself to your sensual side. Let romance come in to your life. Trust that you will still have your focus on your favorite thing in the world – your job.


Respect your feelings of being a homebody. You don’t have to leave your home in order to enjoy life. Embrace the Taurus season by taking long naps, being cozy at home with a book in hand, or Netflix and chill (not the metaphor).


You will be filled with energy this season so utilize it well. Grab your friends and head down to a nearby town and explore the scenery or perhaps go to a nearby beach. Spend your energy by having fun and renew it at the same time. Keep the excitement going throughout Taurus season.

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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